Ecological houses with wooden pallets

Ecological self-built houses with wooden pallets are a clear example of compatibility between environment and building houses.

In today’s world so densely populated and extremely polluted, preservation of the environment is critical to our future.

One of the biggest problems of our society is not having decent housing, good quality and low cost … For this reason if we recycle some materials such as pallets and refuse damaged, that no longer serve industrial and other materials, we could self – construct green homes within days.

Ecological houses

The platforms were created to support large loads, which are very useful when used as structural elements and a simple way to assembly and transportation. Wood pallets have physical qualities and elasticity buffer, helping it to withstand seismic effects, besides its thermal, acoustic and insulating characteristics.

Steps to build environmentally friendly houses with wooden pallets

Houses or pallet ecological self-built houses are based on techniques similar to those that are built in American, clear union, but in our case, we are working with recyclable materials and showing that can be built without such specialized techniques.

These green homes are economical because no special foundation or structural steel is used. Only the field is filled in levels with an inert material (gravel-sand, hardpan or similar) and used lean concrete for the formation of the foundation slab, for the reason that the wooden structure conveys very little weight compared to other structural materials.

The structure of the walls of these self-constructed ecological housing is formed with support frames and pallets are connected simply and which will form the faces; these are anchored to the floor with screeds for fixing and thereby avoid problems with high winds.

The outer walls are protected with insulating recycled cardboard and this, the chicken wire, then with a mixture of cement, lime and sand. That avoids moisture, insects, rodents input, and possible fires. Finally, they will be painted with a mixture of lime, water, salt, or aloe vera cactus leaves … The mixture of the above works as a sealant and then may be coated with any type of paint or textured finish.

As pallets are hollow, the advantage in these green homes is that we can run self-constructed lines plumbing and electrical very easily.

The ceilings will be in a simple wooden structure and its cover – based galvanized sheets, the duration Serra many years.

The interior walls of the house were closed with leaves plaster or drywall, mortar, etc.

Another alternative accommodation that represents the functionality of this type of ecological housing, can put on the benefit obtained by developing an educational space for schools located in both neighborhoods and rural communities, which require a decent building to encourage interest in education in a comfortable space for students; green homes also have become medical clinics.

Ecological housing constructions of wooden pallets can be used in cases of natural disasters for simplicity in application; also the same can be created cottages in recreation centers with ecotourism. These buildings being worked on series could generate jobs to the society needs.

We can also use these materials to build their homes our children playing at smaller scales and of course their small furniture; you can also create fences plastered with pallets, boxes and other preserved that has many uses wood. For durability of the house, the impregnating wood with oil burning in the parts that contact with the ground is preserved.

If we recycled wood and other materials, we will have a cleaner world and our future generations will be more in touch with Mother Nature!

So far, we have left to cut more than 600 trees, by recycling these materials and have become more 60 ecological self -built dwellings based platforms with all services.

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