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Are you sitting comfortably?

You might think that there isn’t much to choosing an office chair. Perhaps the colour and whether you need arm rests, is probably the most you have ever considered this matter. For furniture that workers spend hours each day sitting … read more

The earliest recorded mens shirt

You can be forgiven for thinking that the shirt is a relatively modern garment.  We have adapted the styling of the hirt to suit our needs with different shirt available depending on whether you are looking for formalwear, workwear or … read more

Family fun in Donegal

Donegal has a ton of things to do for the whole family, so a summer vacation does not need to be a long and tedious affair! Here are some things to keep your kids busy when you visit Donegal this … read more

Common packing errors

Not Labelling Boxes Many people forget to label or do not see the importance of differentiating between their boxes. This can make unpacking very frustrating indeed! A mountain anonymous boxes in your new home is much more stressful to deal … read more

How to explain insurance

Insurance acts as a financial protection that provides assistance to cover any damage to yourself caused by others or damage to property. It is also works by paying someone else for should you be liable for injuring someone or causing … read more

How Do I Tidy Up My Finances?

If you have been asking the question how do I tidy up my finances, it’s likely that you need to have a clearer understanding of what exactly this term actually means. There are different meanings to the word which accountants … read more

Why we need to have paint.

Paint is very important. It is the first thing that we created as humans to record our lives on Cave walls using pigments. However, painting has gone beyond simple decoration. It also plays an essential role in protecting surfaces from … read more

Beware of Bandits wearing face masks!

Written by Harley Peyton, directed by Barry Levinson and starring, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchett the American Comedy, Crime film “Bandits” was a hilarious adventure movie.  Two friends Terry and Joe, incarcerated in Oregon State penitentiary manage … read more