Improve your career technique by recording video

Many conclusions can be drawn about how our career technique is if we record on video. Especially if we shoot in slow motion. When we run, we only get internal information about how we do it. Watching a video of our way of running can be very enlightening and we can detect errors in our career technique.

My personal experience recording on video has made me see that I run with worse technique than I thought. But it has been a good way to detect errors and solve them, now having a more efficient and less harmful technique. I leave you with some tips to improve the career technique by recording on video.

Improve your career technique by recording videoWhat is the best way to record me running?

The ideal would be to record us on track, but it is not easy that we go running and that someone is able to make a good recording at our side. Another option would be to leave the camera fixed on the ground and record a part of our career when we go through it, but it restricts us to two or three strides.

Recording us on the treadmill is the best way to analyze a steady run, although the treadmill can slightly modify our way of running, but in my point of view, notable errors of race technique will also appear.

When I talk about recording, I mean a side view of the race, but doing it from a later or earlier view can also give us interesting facts about how we race.

What things can I observe from my career technique?

Although an expert in biomechanics could tell us a thousand things to look at in career coaching, we can look at some basic aspects of career coaching in our walk-through analysis :

  • Impact of the foot with the ground : the moment of impact of the foot with the ground must be done with the middle of the foot and not with the heel.
  • Impact with respect to the center of gravity : The foot, in addition to being supported on its intermediate part, must fall below the center of gravity and not advanced, since this would reduce the efficiency of the race.
  • Collecting the free foot : avoid a pendular race, for this, the foot that we collect, should be flexed up to 80-70 degrees.
  • Inclination of the trunk : should be slightly inclined with respect to the vertical, but not in excess.
  • Oscillation of the hip : we must try that the rise and fall of the hip as we make the stride is minimal.
  • Brace : avoid elbows with excessive flexion. Look at what is made a notorious brace. It is a common mistake to leave the arms almost close to the body without moving them.
  • Frequency of stride : we have already commented in an article that the ideal is to run at 180 steps per minute.
  • Time of contact with the ground : although it is not a question of measuring how long, the ideal is that the foot is reactive, that is to say, that it is the shortest possible time in contact with the ground because that will cause the stride to sink. That can be noticed in the recording if the impact of the foot with the floor, the knee.

Mobile apps can also help us improve career technique

If we want to be more thorough when analyzing our career technique, there are mobile applications that have options to get a lot of juice to the recordings of our career. One of them we already saw, it is Ubersense.

With this application we can measure angles or positions to be more aware of how we stride or how we flexed knee or hip when running. I recommend that you record them running and that you fixate on the points that we have seen previously so that you analyze how is your technique of race, I assure you that you will be surprised of how much that can be improved.

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