How to Create a Playroom in a Small Space

Family life can be pretty hectic, but if you are lucky enough to have a room available to be a dedicated area for the kids it can make life a little easier, having that separation of kids’ space and adult space.

How to Create a Playroom in a Small Space

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Even if the playroom is a small area, with careful planning it can be a great place for fun and play.

Colour Schemes

You can definitely go big and bright in a child’s playroom. This should be a place to stimulate the eyes and the imagination – from walls to soft furnishings, you can go really wild.

Alternatively, you could go for plain bright walls with bright curtains, cushions, and accessories.

Keeping Clean and Tidy

Consider storage options to keep things tidy and enable to kids to actually use the space. Especially in smaller spaces you want to avoid it simply becoming a dumping ground for all the kids’ toys, leaving no space to actually play or use the room.

How to Create a Playroom in a Small Space2

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Chose wipeable paint for the walls to help keep things clean.

Consider wooden and laminate flooring options like those available at, as they’re hard wearing and it’s easier to clean up spillages.

D.I.Y Blackboards

Now there is wide availability of blackboard paint it is easy to get creative and make a unique blackboard area for your kids, using cupboard or wardrobe doors, or part of a wall. You can even paint over an old mirror. If you want to you can now get magnetic blackboard paint, so you can stick those magnetic numbers and figures on as well.

If you prefer light colours you can also buy whiteboard paint for an alternative option.

Create a Reading Area/Workspace

Although you might be creating a play area, kids also need to learn.

Remember to include worktop or desk areas for creative play and bookshelves, alongside bean bags or comfortable chairs. If you are lucky a window seat could encourage your children to read.

For other tips on how to encourage children to read take a look at the Book Trust website.

Include a Notice/Picture Board

Hanging a cork board or similar can provide a great place for your little ones to show off their latest artistic creations. You might even want to use it as an achievement board for school work or certificates.

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