Three Great Dining Room Decor Styles

Dining rooms are among the most under-appreciated of rooms. When people redecorate they tend to pay a lot of attention to living rooms and bedrooms, slightly less to the bathroom, and least of all to the dining room. In fact, many modern homes don’t have a dining room at all. Those that do, however, can benefit from an enjoyable dedicated setting for their meals, with a range of modern and charming decor styles.

The range of styles that can be employed when decorating a dining room is almost endless. However, there are a few styles that stand out both for looking good and complementing the eating experience.

Classic chic

Dining rooms are not as popular as they once were. However, they are far from obsolete, and their slight association with the past opens up the opportunity for classic decor styles.

There are a few highly evocative retro images that are deeply associated with eating. Examples include the luxurious dining room of a big house and the big, rustic table of a country kitchen. With so many choices, there are few specifics that can be named for this decor style. However, it is a good idea to start by choosing a general idea, and building on it.

Three Great Dining Room Decor Styles

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Open and spacious

Few things are more pleasant than eating outdoors. However, this is not always possible. Perhaps you don’t have a garden or the right outdoor furniture, or maybe the weather just isn’t nice enough. It is entirely possible to style your dining room in a way that evokes the airy, spacious feel of an outdoor setting.

For this style, you should paint the room in a light colour to maximise the feeling of light and space. Best of all is a light blue to resemble the sky. Floors might be wooden, or else use natural colours like earthy brown or green to evoke grass. It is probably best not to choose a true grass-green, however, as this tends to be overly bright for a carpet.

Wooded nook

This is another style that evokes the outdoors, but this time instead of a wide open space it creates the feeling of a secluded spot in the woods. It gives a normal, sit-down meal a slight but noticeable feeling of enjoying a picnic in some forest clearing.

To achieve this style, walls should certainly be some shade of green. Whether that green is dark, pale, or bright is simply a matter of taste. The floor should ideally be wooden or wood-look, and the table should also be wood of some kind. Chairs could match the table in being pure wood, or they could be upholstered in green to match the walls. The resulting combination of wood and greenery will subtly evoke the feeling of trees and woodland.

Give that little extra . . . 

Once your rooms painted and furniture arranged, you may want to look at the little details.  Some people will rearrange their fireplace or paint their radiators to match their new colour scheme.

If you are unsure what paint to use do consult an expert or do adequate research, the last thing you want to do in your home is freeze due to them packing in!

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