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One of the most incredible natural features in the world the Rainbow is a visual treat and a welcome appearance as it means that there is sunlight coming after the rain. There is always the chance that a Leprechaun has … read more

TV is not all bad

We’ve all been told that watching TV is bad for you. It’s been blamed for obesity and a lack of exercise and people used to say it would rot your brain! TV gets a bad rap, but does it really … read more

5 More Ways to Finance a Small Business

It isn’t just the banks that are being more careful about financing small businesses. Image Credit The 2016/2017 report on Small Business Finance Markets, published by the government-owned British Business Bank, showed that applications have dropped because current economic uncertainties … read more

F1 to Cease Use of Grid Girls

Formula One is making a clear choice about what they want to stand for by scrapping the concept of grid girls from the start of the 2018 world championship season Image Credit Kids The motorsport announced last week that they … read more

Tie a yellow ribbon…

Round the ole oak tree as the hit from the early 70’s goes. However what Dawn and Tony Orlando may not have realised is how incredibly important this tree has been to Britain over the centuries. It has provided shelter … read more