Reasons for choosing a flat roof

Flat roofs are very popular with those who seek to create a cool, modern home. A flat roof option helps to free up internal space and is often cheaper than a pitched roof because they require fewer materials to cover a roof of the same range. There is also scope to incorporate a green roof to a flat structure.

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There are many advantages of using a flat roof:

Freeing up internal space


They help to keep the internal temperature stable

With a flat roof, there is less of a bulky impression and internal areas remain undisturbed too

It is cheaper to build than pitched roofs and require less material to cover the same range

The cheapest and simplest solution is to build a warm roof. Roof insulation is positioned right on top of the timber and then placed on a membrane of roof insulation. For information on Flat Roofing Bristol, visit a site like Aquagard Roofing, suppliers of Flat Roofing Bristol.

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A cool roof places insulation between the rafters, under the cover ply roofing. This is the standard method used in flat-roofed extension but is rarely used for new builds today. In general, warm roofing is the preferred option but it can lead to a higher profile, which is not always acceptable from a planning perspective.

There are several variations of a warm roof, called a hybrid roof, which introduces different elements. In particular, some of the designs include ventilation openings in a warm roof to avoid the potential moisture accumulation that can occur inside the roof structure.

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