Tips to increase growth hormone naturally

After having explained in previous articles the meaning of growth hormone and the benefits that are obtained by having good levels, today, I will explain tips to increase growth hormone naturally.

Before starting, I want to remember that this hormone, alone or with other metabolic or hormonal processes, has important jobs such as preserving or increasing muscle mass, maintaining low body fat, improving circulation, strengthening bones, controlling cholesterol levels and protect against the factors of aging.

If we manage to increase the levels, the agency will work better in these processes and we will be able to take advantage of its benefits. To achieve this, there are several strategies. I will focus on the most natural, safe and least expensive. Through a combination of exercise, diet and good habits we will be able to increase the levels endogenously. That is, we will make our pituitary gland secrete more growth hormone on its own.

Next, I give you the steps to follow to increase the levels naturally.

  • Do very high intensity exercises. Squats, pull-ups, push-ups, sprints, series, HIIT, Crossfit, … all these exercises will be indicated to increase our HGH. For this purpose, intensity is much more important than duration. We need to activate our faster fibers, fatigue the muscles and produce lactic acid.
  • Sleep like dormice. It is important to get enough sleep to ensure high levels of growth hormone. About 70 to 80% of HGH production takes place while you sleep. If we cut the dream, we will see our production damaged. In addition, it is not only about sleeping eight hours, but to sleep well. That is, we must achieve a good quality of sleep. Cool atmosphere, darkness and comfort are some of the keys.
  • Avoid sugar after intense training . The consumption of sugar (especially fructose) within the next 2 hours after exercise will cause the hypothalamus to release somatostatin, which will reduce the production of HGH.
  • Foods with low glycemic index . It is studied that insulin and HGH come from the hand. Many insulin spikes equals decreased HGH. Therefore, maintaining a diet with foods such as apples, pears, oats, wheat, brown rice, … will be the basis for increasing HGH levels.
  • Quality proteins for dinner . The amino acids will help boost the production of HGH. So do not forget the chicken, turkey, salmon, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt, … they are good allies at dinner.
  • After training, add 2 to 5 g of glutamine as a supplement . This amino acid is the most abundant in the body. It is shown that a small amount, 2gr daily, increases the levels of HGH in plasma. In addition, according to studies, it could provide important benefits in the maintenance of muscle tissue.
  • Keep the liver clean. You must know that all the HGH released by your body is absorbed by the liver and becomes IGF-1, so if we do not have the liver in perfect condition we can not experience the benefits of HGH. Do not drink alcohol, always be well hydrated and have a balanced diet will be the keys to have a liver in perfect condition.

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