How to organise a great fundraising event

There are many elements to consider when organising an event. The atmosphere needs to be right so that all guests have a memorable time. A charity event especially needs to encourage people to spend their money; when people are enjoying themselves, they are more likely to support of the charity.

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Below are five tips to help organise a charity event:

1 – Make sure you have a budget

You need to give thought to how much your event will cost in relation to how much you expect to raise. A charity event is all about the profit you make, with setting realistic budgets and timelines making this more achievable.

You need to set a realistic theme within your budget. If it is your first event, there could be a temptation to organise a big, glamourous event; however, this may not fit within your budget. Stay realistic and the charity will benefit more.

2 – Make sure you have enough time

In addition to a realistic budget, you need to have a realistic time frame for the type of event you are planning. You need to consider many things when organising an event, including:

– Booking a venue.
– Ticket sales.
– Sponsorships.
– Activities and locality to the event, such as photo booth hire Gloucester through a provider such as

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3 – Choose the right venue

There are many different options for venues; therefore, you need to ensure you do your research and visit all options before making a final decision. The right venue will encourage a greater number of attendees and potentially a better atmosphere. Make a venue easy to get to so that people do not have an excuse not to attend. It goes without saying that your venue needs to fit within your budget and is booked far enough in advance of the event.

4 – Gain sponsorship

Gaining sponsorship from companies will help contribute towards the organisation and set-up costs for your event. The more sponsorship and support you gain, the more money you will end up with for your chosen charity.

5 – Use all the resources available

Consider what people you know may be able to offer you, such as free labour. Pull all your resources together and resist outsourcing, which will cost money and take away the profit-making potential for the charity.

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