The Gmail add-ons arrive: The best friends of our workflows

Gmail, the email of Google, has become a true epicenter of the professional life of many people. It receives mail of various kinds that in one way or another affect the work flow transformed, through other services, tasks, calls, signatures or invoices. In Mountain View they know it well and that’s why the Gmail extensions arrive.

The announcement made public in The Keyword, his corporate blog, collects some of the extensions that can be installed today in the email of the giant search engine: from the popular Asana or Trello , through services such as Hire, aimed at finding employees , DocuSign, which allows signing contracts, or Smartsheet, a method of business organization.

How to install Gmail extensions

To install the Gmail add-ons, it will only be necessary to click on the cogwheel in the top right of the inbox and click on “Download add-ons”.

Then we will open a window through which we can see the many extensions created along with their valuation. Clicking on each of the cards we can see screenshots and videos about the add-on, read the description of its functions and, of course, install them in our mail.

The installation process is simple: click on the “Installation” button , we grant the necessary permissions so that the add-on in question can correctly perform your work and that’s it. Through a new window, Gmail will tell us where to find the extension, working both from the computer and from the mobile application.

How Gmail add-ons work

No more recurring trips between email and different services. With the add-ons, which will work both on the web and in the applications for Android devices, as we have said, everything will be in the same place, in Gmail .

We believe that email can do more, that’s why we are launching Gmail add-ons, a new way to work with your favorite business applications directly in Gmail.

In the case of using Google mail from the web, the extensions will make an appearance on the right margin when we access any email. It will be enough to click on its icon to start working with them, prior to logging in and consequently authorizing permits. We will find them in the mobile at the end of the emails.

In the case of Trello , for example, we can add an email as a card in any of our boards and lists , keeping the subject of the mail as a name and with the body as a description, although they are modifiable fields. In other services, the integration will be according to their functions. Sign an attached document, make a call when you provide us with a phone number, create a task to do, and so on.

Some of the most outstanding accessories

  • Trello : It is an application of great popularity, both in the business field and in the staff of those more organized. In a visual way and through workspaces called boards , lists are established with items, called cards , which can have descriptions, images, dates of completion, and so on.
  • Streak : This service is used to manage the relationships between a company and its customers and its integration in Gmail means the possibility of linking emails with offers, accessing additional information about a contact or answering requirements with predefined answers.
  • Asana : It allows to transform the communications with our co-workers or with the clients of our work in tasks to be carried out in different lists. In them we can establish descriptions, dates or people involved.
  • DocuSign : Although not yet available, through this add-on it will be possible to sign contracts, agreements and other documents from Gmail, without having to access the service itself.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing : From the mail itself, users of this platform will be able to create and send their professional invoices, without leaving their window. In addition, invoices can be paid online and their expiration can be monitored without major complications.

As we can see, the possibilities are broad, as many as functions have the services currently integrated and those that will be integrated in the future. The add-ons are available right now through the Gmail inbox itself or in the G Suite Marketplace.

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