Did you know this about cider?

As the summer approaches, with it comes longer evenings and warmer weekends as well as the perfect chance to sit and relax with a drink in hand. For many this is beer, but more increasingly it has become cider – a truly refreshing alternative on a sunny afternoon.

Cider has lost its old-fashioned image, and has come screaming into the 21st century as a cool alternative to beer and spirits. The introduction of fruit to this apple brew, has bolstered its appeal, making it popular among the under 35s and a key drink for summer.

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There are no limits to this crisp beverage, and thanks to fruit-infused options, such as strawberry, lime, pear, and summer fruits, its increased popularity has been hard for the big brands to ignore, with most of them now offering fruity flavours.

Keeping it cool

With the warm nights, comes the need to keep your cider cool, and when an ice-bucket won’t do and your fridge is bursting with barbecue food, commercial bottle coolers are a great way to go.

Available in all shapes and sizes, from compact and under-counter to large upright units and chillers, a commercial bottle cooler is suitable for use in industrial establishments such as shops, pubs and clubs, as well as your home.

Air conditioning Gloucester devices for cellar cooling or commercial refrigeration equipment are the perfect way to keep your drinks cool this summer.  Coolers like these can house bottles and cans of all your favourite drinks, including cider. The cellar coolers can help keep the room cool to, to stop any barrels exploding.  They have a recommended temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, making them the perfect option to complement your summer and ensure that an ice cold refreshing drink is just a step away. To help keep your different areas of your business cool and refreshing you could try a variety of different links including https://acecc.co.uk/.

Fun facts

For those who are regular cider drinkers, there is no doubt you’ve tried every flavour available, know all the facts on cider and what goes into making it. But did you know that in the 1800s, it was the drink of choice of Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers? Or that there are over 100 varieties of apple solely used for making cider?

And for those of you who don’t reach for a glass of cider first, this summer is the time to give it a go. With a wealth of fruity options available to try, what are you waiting for?

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