Teatoxing: A risky tea-based diet that just cleans your wallet

Detox diets are fashionable and the new strategy to not stop selling is to customize or give an original touch to the proposals. This is how the Teatoxing has been created : a risky diet based on tea that only purges your wallet.

What is Teatoxing?

From the mixture of tea and detox you get the name of this diet which is nothing more than a proposal to purify the tea-based body that promises, like any detox diet, to remove toxins and waste products from our body.

Teatoxing A risky tea-based diet that just cleans your walletBootea is a company that produces tea infusions that has promoted this diet, noting that its products are 100% natural and that can produce real changes in our body helping to take care of health and to lose weight.

With a great variety of products for sale, Teatoxing has become an easy strategy to implement in which we can drink tea, take multivitamins, make a smoothie or even consume tea-based brownies for the ultimate purpose of debugging our body.

It is a very famous proposal in Instagram and other social networks where renowned figures promote it: from celebrities to health referents like Dr. Oz who advises to drink 6 to 8 cups of tea each day.

Basically, Teatoxing proposes to consume all kinds of teas in order to improve health by removing toxins from the body.

Teatoxing: Just purge your pocket

We have already shown the great trade that is behind this proposal that integrates a variety of products based on tea, although they are not essential for anyone who points to Teatoxing if they can make the proposal more sustainable.

However, detox diets are not necessary because our body does not store toxins or waste products unless it is sick, they are not endorsed by science and there is not enough clinical evidence to support its use.

On the other hand, like many other miracle diets, this proposal is based on tea consumption because this infusion has often been linked to health benefits, for example, green tea with its potent antioxidants.

It does not consider that excessive consumption of tea can cause negative effects to contain protein, a compound that has an effect similar to caffeine in the body and stimulates the nervous system. In addition, tea has tannins that reduce the absorption of minerals such as calcium and iron, so that consumed in excess can greatly decrease these nutrients in our body.

Beyond this, Teatoxing is just another fashionable diet that has no scientific basis whatsoever and hides a big trade behind, so just purge your wallet and nothing benefits your body.

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