What to know before buying an electric car?

The option to buy an electric car is chosen among those citizens who want to collaborate with the preservation of the environment. Before deciding to buy one must take into account its price, which is higher than that of traditional vehicles and their limited autonomy as they can travel only 150 to 200 kilometers with insufficient recharging.

What to know before buying an electric carHowever, they have many advantages that we will consider in this article.

Advantages of electric cars

The electric cars give us benefits we have to take into account when making our calculations and see if we are interested in buying one:

There’s savings in fuel concept. Reload an electric car represents an average cost of 2 dollars per 100 kilometers, which is very interesting to save, because with a petrol or diesel car data must spend an average 8.5 dollars or even more.

His maintenance is both simple and economical. An electric car body consists of a simple electric motor and battery. This means that its operation is simpler and will not be required oil changes, spark plugs and coolant. Similarly, we must take into account that their parts are subjected to less wear, including the braking system, and thus we are having considerable savings in maintenance.

-Retrospect with the environment as it does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and is an environmentally friendly vehicle. This makes you a more environmentally friendly citizen and can also circulate in urban centers where access to combustion vehicles is prohibited.

-Free Parking. One of the biggest advantages of an electric car is that these vehicles can park free of charge in the blue and green areas.

There are many advantages of buying an electric car. If you dare to buy one tell us about your experiences with.

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