Cleaning tools to the rescue!

Cleaning is usually something that we dread and avoid at all costs. Even with the best cleaning products on the market, sometimes shifting that dirt will need a little extra help with the use of some trusty tools. Here we take a look at some of the essentials that every home or workplace should keep handy.

A squeegee – for any area where there is running water there is the chance for mould to accumulate. Keeping a few squeegees to hand is a great idea for wiping down showers and also windows, where condensation might be an issue.

A sponge – a mixture of sponges are really useful for a whole range of jobs. Normal sponges, sponges with an abrasive side and microfibre ones will tackle any dirty surface. Remember to clean any sponges you plan on reusing.

Microfibre cloths – these are fantastic for leaving streak-free surfaces and also won’t scratch. They are pretty good at cleaning surfaces on their own or even with a little water, if you don’t want to use a cleaning product for any reason. For Commercial cleaning Belfast, visit

Toothbrushes – please don’t use your everyday teeth brushing one for this job but hold on to old ones for those hard to reach places that require a small tool with an abrasive approach. Disinfectant them and use them for a really detailed job like cleaning grout, sink rims and any other small areas.

A Bucket – this one doubles up as a handy place to store your other cleaning supplies and for mopping floors and a whole host of other household activities.

A Spray Bottle – these are not only very useful for watering plants but are great for rinsing things off when you can’t submerge an object in water. If you like to create your own cleaning products using natural household ingredients, then spray bottles are essential for applying the cleaner.

A Vacuum – a fairly obvious one but whatever your make and model, a vacuum cleaner is a modern day essential for keeping floors clear of mess and helping to lessen allergies from pet hair, for example.

Cleaning tools to the rescue

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A Broom, Dustpan and Mop – hard surfaces such as wood, cork, tile and linoleum will benefit from a regular sweep. They are a very useful set to have for quickly dealing with spills and accidents without having to get the vacuum out if you’re in a hurry.

White Towels – a cheap set of these can be found in almost any shop and they are great for cleaning windows, dusting and just about anything else that you need to clean. White is a good idea as you can see how dirty something is, you also know when the towel is thoroughly soiled and they can be bleached and disinfected and used over and over again. If you don’t want to splash out on towels just for the purposes of cleaning, then cutting up some old, unwanted t-shirts is an eco-friendly alternative.

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