A security bug in Windows 10 allows you to obtain admin privileges by pressing only two keys

That Windows 10 is not a perfect operating system we all know, at least as to the many doubts aroused about our privacy. But we could never imagine is that Microsoft is too strong a bug that allows any user to gain administrator privileges by pressing just two buttons.

A security bug in Windows 10 allows you to obtain admin privileges by pressing only two keysThe error is in the process of updating Windows Update. As has discovered and described in his blog specialist Windows Sami Laiho, when Windows Update is restarting the system after an upgrade system is simply press Shift + F10 to access the console with administrator and have full control of a computer.

“The real problem here is the Elevation of Privilege that takes a non-administrator system to SYSTEM (Windows root), even when the computer is protected with BitLocker (Microsoft hard disk encryption),” Laiho explains in his post. “And of course this does not require any external hardware or additional software. I’d say that ‘s just crazy bug”.

Access is gained in the process of starting a computer after the upgrade, and pressing the key combination you access to the system console with some administrative rights before restarting did not. This would allow us to do any weed we want on the team.

What implications does it have for our security?

So that we all understand. This means that with this bug in Windows 10, if someone wants to have total control over our computer just wait until the next update arrives. This is especially worrisome for those who leave it unattended, since updates usually take theirs.

For users walk prevent being taken advantage of bug it is as easy as never leave pending updates on the computer so that nobody starts and take advantage of it. Businesses and public services have it more difficult, since it is a critical vulnerability. If the solution would be to insist that your employees never leave your computer unattended during an upgrade.

Microsoft has already been informed of this error, so it should not take long to release an update that fixes this bug. There is still no official statement or exact date for this solution, but given its seriousness should come as soon as possible.

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