What Are Occupational Health Issues?

Simply put, occupational health focuses on all aspects of mental and physical well-being in the workplace. Illness, stress and unsafe working conditions can all result in absenteeism and accidents. In addition, when such a workforce is continually demoralised by such problems, productivity drops to the tune of as much as billions per year. With that kind of money, one would think that there would be much attention paid to these issues, but surprisingly, there often isn’t.

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This, in turn, creates even more pressure on businesses to provide better environments for their workers. More importantly, though, it means that business owners are under increasing pressure to keep environments from degenerating any further. It’s a worthwhile investment, however, because if these professionals aren’t protected, more people will get sick and injured on the job. If they’re protected and supported, then productivity goes up and employers make more money. For more information on Occupational Health Wales, go to https://insightworkplacehealth.co.uk/

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Therefore, if you want your employees to remain productive and happy, you need to ensure they are well-protected by having a written policy outlining occupational health issues and how to address them. If your business is already covered by a group health plan or a small business health insurance policy, it’s probably time to include a written policy on occupational health provisions as part of those policies. Your business needs to know exactly who is covered and how. And what will happen if they’re not covered? Do you have the resources to address those issues?

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