Top 11 Protein Foods

After knowing the importance of protein functional level and in the life of the athlete, as muscular key, it is time to make our ranking with some of the most protein – rich foods.

Animal and vegetable sources of protein from which we tell you its content and, moreover, we leave you some ideas of healthy recipes to combine new dishes. Aim our Top 11 protein – rich foods.

Top 11 Protein FoodsTop Protein Foods

  • Prosciutto : sausage with high protein and also proteins of high biological value. If we look at the nutritional analysis, we see that its contribution in protein is 21g / 100g of product and their contribution only 5.6g fat / 100g. In the case of Iberian ham, the protein content soars to levels of 43g per 100g of food. 
    It incorporates ham as an appetizer, in your main meat dishes or even in your homemade pies.
  • Cured pork loin : another sausage that their protein intake is a good choice of snack or appetizer. Its content is 32g of protein per 100g, but we must always remember that both products contain high amounts of sodium, so not to overindulge, remember that it is very easy to go with sodium in the diet.
  • Salted cod : protein intake of fresh cod is considerable (around 20g) but the salt cod is a real protein concentrate with a contribution of 75g per 100g. A small portion of salted cod is sufficient to meet the daily protein requirements required. 
    Aim traditional recipes like this cod fillet baked with albariño, or try these new recipes: Chowder cod and seafood or the cod with apple.
  • Fresh tuna : fish other animal protein source that provides 21,5g of per 100g . Contributions similar to those of other fish such as salmon, grouper or sea bass. An endless supply of protein that can bring diversity to your dishes.
  • Chicken breast / turkey : both lean poultry hovering around like protein intakes, around 22g per 100g, the difference lies in their fat intake, lower in the case of turkey meat.
  • Beef : lean beef are around 21g of protein per 100g . If we doubt between this type of meat or white, choose the diversity that offers the combination of the two: Do the best proteins are in the red or white meat?
  • Beef liver : food belonging to the group of viscera and another great source of protein: 19,4g / 100g of food. A good option to add not only proteins, but also folic acid, iron and zinc to your diet. 
    Try this dinner of liver and onions with broccoli that gives you a total of 36g of protein .
  • Langoustines : the seafood is always a good source of animal protein, and specifically the prawns a total of 24g of protein with only 0.8 grams of fat and only 100kcal per 100g of food. A perfect choice for our dishes.
  • Soybeans : Legume with more protein and less carbohydrate. Among the vegetable protein content highlights soybean, specifically with more than 3 0g per 100g of product. Suma soy to your dishes and sauces with these ideas: spinach salad and chicken with soy few skewers marinated salmon in soy and sesame oil .
  • Almonds and pistachios : nuts are also a source of vegetable protein to keep in mind, especially in vegans. His contribution is around 20 g of protein and also lead a healthy dose of omega 3. 
    Always remember your caloric intake and taking them in recommended amounts: how many should we eat?
  • Gelatine : Gelatine is the star regarding food protein percentage. 100g of gelatin containing no less than about 84g protein . There are plenty of commercial varieties of gelatin, so it is important that when we buy we look at the nutritional table to choose the right option. 

    If you prefer to make your own desserts with gelatin sheets discover seven tricks to work with it and use it in all these desserts: panna cotta Jijona nougat, jelly beans mango or this mousse cake with cream cheese to show off.

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