Planning A Wedding – Four Key Aspects

Planning a wedding is up there, along with moving home and having a baby, as one of the most stressful (and exciting!) life events. Ask any regular wedding attendee, such as the Sopley Mill Photographer! Here are four things to think about to get the process started:

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The first task is to decide on a budget. Doing so will guide you with decision making. If your budget is limited (as most people’s are) you may need to compromise in some areas. Take some time to think about which aspects you might be happy to compromise on – and those you definitely won’t. A budgeting checklist can help you to keep costs in check.

The Venue

Choosing a venue for your big day is undoubtedly one of the biggest tasks. Before viewing in person, first look online at the type of venues available in your price range. It can help to use a spreadsheet so you can easily see the different benefits or limitations of each one, such as location, availability, capacity, parking, costs and any restrictions they may have.

Choosing a Photographer

Good photographers are always very much in demand, especially during the most popular summer months. Therefore you will need to make a decision as to who to use as soon as possible. Again, look online or ask for recommendations from friends and family. Many photographers have their own distinctive style of working, so ask to look at examples of their work and spend time talking to them about how you want your day captured. Some venues can provide a list of photographers who regularly work with them, like and others. It can work really well to use someone who knows the venue inside out, so they can easily get the best out of the surroundings.

Colour Scheme

If you are struggling to make a decision regarding a colour scheme, why not let the season inspire you. Each season offers something different – from rustic yellows and oranges of Autumn to rosy pinks for Spring, Darker reds and velvety greens for Winter and bright corals for Summer – just some ideas to get you thinking. Choosing flowers that are in season at the time of your event will not only fit perfectly with this idea, but will also keep costs down.

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