Five Requests Your Wedding Band Should Be Able to Accommodate

It goes without saying that a wedding can be one of the most significant days in a person’s life. Here are five simple requests that your chosen band should be able to accommodate.

Five Requests Your Wedding Band Should Be Able to Accommodate

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Once you’ve decided on the band you want – if you are unsure, there are guides such as this Wikihow piece that may be of use – and they’ve agreed to perform, it’s time to work out how and when they’re going to arrive. Most local gigging musicians should be able to travel, but if you’re looking to book a band that’s far from you – you want a Dorset wedding band to perform at your wedding in Scotland, for example – many should be able to oblige, but be prepared to factor in the additional cost.

Running Order

If you’re planning a wedding, the chances are you have an idea of how you want the day to play out, up to and including the order of music played. This is a simple request for professional bands and one that can be easily incorporated into their sound check.

Sound Check

This is another simple consideration, and one that should be taken into account by a gigging band. If you have anything you want by way of musical alterations or changes in running order, most bands will be happy to accommodate. Request an extensive sound check to ensure the best possible sound.


After reviewing and booking your chosen band, you should have an idea of their repertoire and strengths and plan accordingly. Most bands are perfectly happy to take requests, but make sure to ask them well in advance. If you’re stuck for ideas, articles such as this can be useful.

Mood and Energy

You may want a more hands-off approach to running order and song choice, adding an enjoyable unpredictability to proceedings, though if so it’s worth talking to your band about energy levels and mood well in advance. Whether you want people dancing all night or plan on winding down throughout the evening, most professional bands such as and others should be able to oblige.

A band is an integral part of most weddings, and simple requests like these can help you get the most from them.

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