Selecting the best dress for your special day

If you have just got engaged or have been engaged for a while but are waiting for restrictions to lift so that you can have the wedding of your dreams, now is the time to start planning! There is so much that goes into planning a wedding most people start at least a year in advance. At the moment it might be wise to plan even two years in advance as many people are on waiting lists to be able to book once big weddings can go ahead once again.

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One of the most important parts of arranging your wedding is choosing the right venue. When it comes to choosing your venue, the main things to consider are they type of ceremony that you want, the number of guests that you want to attend and a location that is right for you, as well as the guests to get to.


If you have no idea what you want, it is a good idea to arrange to go and visit a few different places like this barn wedding venue Kent to get an idea of what a wedding there would look like.

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When you go, have a list of questions that you might want to ask and try to picture how the venue would feel to get married in. Remember, this is yours and your partners choice so try not to give in to pressure that can sometimes happen from friends and family members.

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