Tourism on the island of Ibiza

Paradisiacal environments,  beaches  and coves, places of unparalleled beauty, alluring and seductive culinary delights or unlimited fun, especially in the silvery moonlight, are some of the wonders that presents the  island of Ibiza, the you want to know a little better? Then read on …

Bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea,  Ibiza  forms one of the beautiful and warm islands of the Balearic archipelago, which each year is seduced by a greater number of tourists, eager curiosity and interest to know what is behind each its corners, turn to this destination. Official data tell us that the amount of three million tourists slashing.

Tourism on the island of IbizaOn the one hand we have: In this environment a duality that attracts people of all ages occurs  peace  that distills the  coast  of this island and, on the other hand, the rhythm that breaks  Ibiza  overnight in some of their clubs and  discotheques  more famous.

Thus, those who come to this island may attend an alluring and seductive transformation, passing the charm and tranquility of the island under the warm golden rays of sun, fun, music and entertainment, coinciding with the departure of the shadowed moon in the sky.Overnight, life on the island wakes up in the same  city of Ibiza  and the enclave of  San Antonio Abad, where the discos and nightclubs abound. Also, you have to remember that during the summer, very diverse music producers and renowned DJs are heading to this area to get their rhythmic melody to its inhabitant.

What to see in Ibiza?

Once you have completed this process, one of your first destinations is the own  city of Ibiza, whose magic is due in part to the many eccentricities and creativity that lurks behind every corner. One of the enclaves must see in this city is  Dalt Vila, an old neighborhood located at the top of the city and embraced by a wall erected either during the sixteenth century.

Once you have walked its steep streets dominated on both sides by whitewashed houses, you’re in one of the great wonders of this island: a panoramic view of the entire enclave, through which you can almost touch with your fingertips every little corner . The  Plaza de la Vila , bastions of the wall for great views, cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows medieval building or town hall erected in a former Dominican Convent are some of its most striking points. In addition to Dalt Vila in Ibiza town you must not miss the  marina, whose terraces you can enjoy large and delicacies, plus gogós parades that will surprise you.

However, if you are looking for  cheap accommodation  and enjoy the sunsets of unparalleled beauty, we suggest you go to the old village of farmers and fishermen in  San Antonio. Today, emerged as one of the centers most acclaimed by tourists on the island, we suggest you let yourself be surprised by amazing views from the so – called Café del Mar. Although the beach is not very attractive, yes it is very succulent by its easy to access inside. English tourists accumulate in Santa Agnes Street, where fun is more than served.

Although, if you want is to get away from the noise and the everyday life of your hometown, I recommend going to your rental car to  the village of Santa Gertrudis , where you’ll find many different bars and restaurants that allow you to know and taste some of their typical dishes and quite affordable prices pocket. It also offers an wide range of craft shops and antiques to choose from .

Similarly, if what you want is to experience a  romantic moment  and especially nice couple or next to your family, it is best to attend  Santa Eulalia del Rio. Like the former, they are one of the most peaceful villages on the island. You need not miss his old, charming neighborhood, its promenade and marina and the historic center of the city and, of course, its beaches and coves. Very endearing and charming is also the set of white houses that focus on the hill called Puig de Missa, on top of which the church stands City.

Another of the visits that you can not miss is called  Cueva de Can Marca  with more than 100,000 years old. Its landscape of stalactites and stalagmites leave impressed all those who have not previously visited these natural formations. Finally, you can access the town of  San Carlos, where you can taste traditional Ibizan herb liqueurs.

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