Tips for traveling to Eurodisney

Visiting Eurodisney is the dream of many families and many other groups of friends. For every good fan of amusement parks it is essential to the organization. That is, it is preliminary study of the park to find out where the most outstanding performances, when they are, where in the food court or picnic areas or the location of this are shop Disney characters so much like your little ones. Here are some tips on our blog…

Tips for traveling to Eurodisney5 great tips for traveling to Eurodisney

Yes, it is the least fun part of this great journey, but we will make the days we spend there, especially if we accompany children. For a trip to Eurodisney ebullient we propose 5 great tips…

-Travel Offers: Obviously have to travel when your everyday life you permitted and good to know that Disney usually offer some kind of offer. We recommend you always compares between agencies and the own Disney house, you never know what you can find.

Stay the night show: ‘Great, fantastic, beautiful …’ are just some of the terms that will be announced in your head as the show progresses. You’ll have to endure an hour of waiting, but it will be very worthwhile.

-Meals: Try to avoid the rush to eat at Eurodisney or you will be surrounded by a crowd of people looking for the perfect table. To go forward or backward when the food will have access to the normal to go to a few attractions while the rest of us eating schedule. Sure you’re thinking, ‘I’d rather take my own lunch good idea, but do not allow food to pass with the outside. Yes, you can access the enclosure with water bottles (and less bad because inside are painfully expensive and in these places drinking lots of water). You can go filling it in baths and fountains that are spread throughout the park.

-Fast Pass: There are certain attractions that you can purchase the Fast Pass or pass quickly in Eurodisney. With this card you can skip those eternal queues riding attractions. Of course, this option is more expensive. You have to think if we will be really useful. For example, on a weekday off – season.

-Firms Autograph. Still surviving old autographs at Disneyland Paris .Princesses and other characters in the industry have not given up (all) to new technologies selfies. If you go with children it is likely to want their idol put them autographed, so we advise you to take over a small notebook.

What do you think of these tips for traveling to Eurodisney? Are you planning to go next?

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