The evolution of camping

Summer 2020 has seen a huge rise in the number of people heading off on a camping holiday, and this isn’t just because of Covid-19 restricting overseas travel.

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In the past, camping was seen as a cheap option for a family getaway. As long as you had a tent and a sleeping bag, you were good to go. However, over the years, camping has changed and is now enjoyed by people up and down the country – and for some people, no expense is spared.


Depending on your budget and what sort of holiday you are looking for, it is now possible to take a whole range of camping accessories with you and make the experience a far more glamorous affair. From electrical power packs for charging mobile phones to more extravagant portable pizza ovens, companies such as camping store Dublin offer a whole range of equipment that will tempt even the most reluctant camper.

The most important thing to get right when planning to go on a camping trip is what you are sleeping on. Some modern tents offer inflatable options, and there is a whole range of portable beds that are cost-effective and comfortable, making nights under the stars a pleasure instead of an ordeal!

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The tents themselves have also evolved. No longer do campers require complicated instructions involving attaching poles and banging pegs into the ground. Many are quick and simple to put up, including the popular pop-up tent, which takes just minutes to erect.

For campers wanting to splash out, you can now buy tents with additional padding for comfort. Some even offer thermal heat pads powered by a power pack.

Although most music festivals were cancelled this year, it is thought that their popularity over recent years has inspired a surge in not only camping, but also glamping. Glamping involves decorated tents, beds, lighting and other home comforts and can be booked in the same way as booking a hotel room. But be warned: demand is very high, with many campsites getting booked up months and even years in advance.

Whether you are a hardcore camper or you’re new to holidaying in the great outdoors, camping holidays offer so much more than cold, uncomfortable nights sleeping on the ground. Whether you go with friends or family, camping might just become an annual tradition!

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