Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland

The auroras are one of the phenomena of nature’s most spectacular, magical and beautiful that can be admired. The theater of nature reserves its best interpretation for this great spectacle that appears in the sky and that has the light like main protagonist.

This meteorological phenomenon occurs in the closest to heaven both poles. Surrounded by a certain mystique and protagonists of many legends, this event occurs when collide particles with large power the upper layers of the atmosphere at high speed, causing the gases to light up in different colors.

Northern Lights in Swedish LaplandThe auroras are quite unpredictable, but usually occur between the months of October and March, although much depends on the weather, between 6 pm and 1 am. The best advice if you travel to these areas of the planet is to have a lot of patience, since just as they can be given several times in one night, they can also be several days without occurring. In any case, you should avoid very bright full moon and sites if you want to enjoy this exciting role that nature offers us.

For many centuries, the inhabitants of these areas of the earth and travelers from all over the world have been fascinated by the aurora borealis. In addition, traveling to discover them offers us the perfect excuse to travel to some of the most beautiful places on the planet, so the proposal is most suggestive. As Japanese tradition says: “everyone who contemplates an aurora borealis, will be lucky throughout its life.” One more reason to travel to some of the countries that allow to enjoy this exhibition, almost of science-fiction, of lights and color.

One of the best countries to enjoy the auroras is Sweden. In Swedish Lapland, you can enjoy amazing auroras, especially during the winter. The best alternative is to go to the Aurora Sky Station, a station designed in the 60s for the observation of the aurora borealis.

Located in the beautiful National Park Abisko, receives each year visitors from around the world, offering optimal conditions to see the auroras to be the drier and less cloudy Nordic country around the place. For get an idea, in this place you can see, on average, for 200 days a year.

It is located in an elevated position (900 meters above the level of evil) and away from any artificial light, so it is the perfect place for observation. The only way to access this place is by chairlift, which already is quite an experience, allowing admire a fascinating view. If you are lucky enough to see a northern lights as you head towards the station, you will surely experience one of the greatest shows of your life. Upon arriving you will enjoy a magical place, surrounded by the most beautiful picture you can imagine, with a panoramic view from the cafeteria to the mountains and Lake Torneträsk.

At the station you can hire the experience Aurora Borealis Total, allowing you to stay at the station one night to enjoy the festival of lights that will be held over your head. Indescribable.

It may be a good time to start planning a trip to Swedish Lapland, right? In addition, NASA predicted that solar explosions between autumn and winter will be the strongest in the last decade, which multiplies the possibilities to enjoy the auroras as rarely before been given.

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