Amazing Things to Do in Rwanda in 2016

Make 2016 the year that you open your eyes to the beauty of Rwanda. With so much to do and see, Rwanda is truly becoming a world-renowned holiday destination. See this wonderful country from every angle with these five suggestions.

Amazing Things to Do in Rwanda in 2016

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1. Book a Safari at the Akagera National Park

This stunning national park has been steadily repopulated since the genocide. Now you’ll find big cats, elephants, leopards, crocodiles, hippos and exotic birds. A great start to a holiday for any nature lover.

2. Watch Films at the Rwandan Film Festival

This festival has accumulated a steadily growing cult following since its birth in 2004. Rwanda has a budding community of film-makers, many of whom live in an area of the capital, Kigali, called ‘Hillywood’. It’s held in July every year, and tourists and locals all over Rwanda can spend a day or two spent watching new releases from all over Africa and beyond in specially erected tents in more rural areas and cinemas in the larger cities.

3. Visit the Inema Art Centre

At this place in the heart of Kigali you’ll find countless pieces of breath-taking art created by Rwandan artists and much, much more. Founded in 2012 by two brothers, the centre is a hub of inspiration and community expression. Drop in and expect to find beautiful dance, poetry and music. Find out more at

4. Go Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda is well known for offering tourists the chance to see these creatures in their natural habitats. This is an incredibly popular pastime, so remember to book well in advance. Every traveller needs to obtain a permit, which can be pricey. According to the World Travel Guide, these cost an average of $750. If your budget can stretch that far, it’s well worth it. You can book through many companies, including

5. Book Tickets for the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

While Rwanda is keen to move on from the terrible genocide and continue to make a name for itself in business and tourism, a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre is a must for tourists looking to pay their respects. A greater understanding of the history of this brave country will make you fall even more deeply in love with it.

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