Why should you choose tensile structures?

Tensile fabric structures provide an ideal solution for a range of architectural and interior design projects. They can be used to create a variety of fabric structures, ceilings, retractable roof systems and interior cladding. If you are considering a fabric structure, what benefits can they bring to your project?

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Benefits of tensile fabric

One of the key reasons why a fabric structure is often specified is because it is translucent. This allows light to be drawn into the structure, making the area considerably brighter and reducing the need for artificial light sources. With a fabric solution you will achieve a more comfortable environment than with other materials; for example, glass can create a hot and stuffy atmosphere on very sunny days.

Another positive attribute of fabric structures is that they require fewer rigid supports, even when they are spanning a large area. The stretch capabilities of the fabric mean the structure can provide cover from one point to another in a single sweep. This provides a much cleaner finish without any obstruction issues. It also reduces the need to join sections of material, which can result in sealing issues.

The reduction in support structures makes fabric architecture a much lighter weight option. There may be a requirement to dig more substantial foundations to secure the canopy when the fabric structure is used outside in windy situations; however, these foundations will still be cheaper to prepare and maintain than solid supports would be.

Visual focus

The use of a canopy provides an instant 3D effect that draws attention to the building and creates a focal point. Other materials, including glass or tiles, would not provide the same impact, which makes a canopy ideal for use at the entrance of a building. It creates a protective shelter for people going in and out of the building and makes it clear to visitors where the entrance is.

When fabric structures are installed correctly and used in a suitable area, they provide a high level of protection from the elements and are extremely durable. This offers a long-lasting solution that does not require a substantial amount of maintenance.

These are just a few of the benefits of fabric structures, which offer unique properties and architectural solutions. They can be installed quickly and easily, enabling changes to be made without the need for major work to take place.

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