TV is not all bad

We’ve all been told that watching TV is bad for you. It’s been blamed for obesity and a lack of exercise and people used to say it would rot your brain! TV gets a bad rap, but does it really deserve it? You might be surprised to learn that some studies have now decided that watching TV is actually good for us! While you’re probably still better off going for a jog or doing a spot of gardening, as we all love our TVs so much – we might as well look at what’s good about vegging out in front of the box.

  1. TV Can Help Improve Self-Control

It might feel like the complete reverse of self-control, especially when you binge-watch an entire series on Netflix. However, a study from 2012 revealed that those who watch TV, in particular shows that are familiar to them, demonstrate better self-control than those who don’t watch TV often. The science-y bit says that experiencing the happiness of a familiar fictional world provides the same comfort as family and friends, albeit in a digital format. Apparently, this gives us all-round better behaviour in other aspects of life! So, remember that next time someone nags you to turn the TV off.

  1. TV Can Make You More Generous

A study from 2011 revealed that when people watch nature documentaries they feel more energetic and generous! Perhaps bringing us closer to nature reminds us to be a little kinder to each other, the cute fluffy animals and the planet.

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  1. TV Eases Stress

After a hard day at work, we come in, put the kettle on and collapse onto the sofa with the remote, right? Well, in addition to improving our self-control and making us more generous – watching the box reduces our blood pressure and helps us feel less stressed. Do your blood pressure a favour and get that picture sorted out. For TV Aerials Swansea, visit

  1. TV Boosts Creativity

Many of us find it easier and more productive to do things with the TV on in the background. Even if we’re not fully watching what’s on, the background noise can boost creativity. For some psychological reason it can help us to concentrate on what we’re doing, and a similar effect is found in busy coffee shops!

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  1. TV Can Educate About Sex Ed

Interestingly, studies in the U.S have found that teen girls are more likely to practise safer sex thanks to watching teen dramas on TV. Such programmes enable girls to empathise and imagine it happening to them or their friends. This way, reality hits home and young people learn more from these shows than they do from formal education.

Therefore, it’s easy to say TV is to blame for many things but it can also play an important role in education, feelings of well-being and to help boost our creativity. So, the next time someone tells you to stop wasting time watching TV, you can educate them about the many benefits!

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