Tinder will now reveal to you who likes your profile, but you will have to pay for it

Tinder continues to implement important changes in its platform. Half a year ago came the web version , for those who want to keep looking for a partner while they are on their computer.

Months later announced Tinder Gold , a feature that lets you know which users have slid their finger to the right in the application. Now, this feature reaches the whole world , ensuring that it is a “first class experience”.

Straight to the point

When activating Tinder Gold, we will have unlimited access to ‘Like’, five Super-Likes (which automatically notifies the person sending it to you) and a monthly Boost (it makes your profile appear 60% more. more interesting is to be able to see which users have liked your photography.

In this way, “you can save time” , since you can go directly to those profiles that are interested in you. This is a very important change, since the spirit of the platform is lost a bit, causing two people to coincide without knowing it:

We know you You live in a world where every moment counts, in which speed means success. You always walk from one place to another, and you can not allow anything to slow you down. Especially your Tinder feed.

It must be made clear that this option is not retroactive , so you can only see which people have liked your profile from the moment you activate it.

Currently, this functionality is available to anyone who uses Tinder on iOS , and they hope to activate it soon on Android. You will have to pay five dollars a month to be able to activate it, which is added to the five dollars that are paid by Tinder Plus .

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