This program allows you to run webapps from the desktop in Windows, macOS and Linux

WebCatalog is a cross-platform application designed to transfer different webapps to the desktop. The idea is not something new or has not been done before, there is Mozilla Prism to testify that it has been trying to do something like that since 2009. Now, the software we are dealing with has an updated design and an interesting catalog of applications.

This program allows you to run webapps from the desktop in Windows, macOS and LinuxThe program works as a hub where the different services are concentrated in a main window. To be able to execute each one of them, we will have to “install” them on our PC through the corresponding button. When we have done it, we can open them from the main window and execute them like any other software on our PC.

As for the applications it integrates, we can find password managers like 1Password or LastPass, we can read books through Kidle Cloud Reader or Google Play Books, install productivity applications such as Asana or Todoist, write a blog post thanks to Medium, consult Reddit, talk with our friends with Facebook Messenger and even check the news with Feedly or Inoreader.

These are just some examples, the list is very extensive and also includes social networks or email clients. You can even access the web version of Spotify or listen to podcasts with WebCatalog, as well as access retransmissions of games on Twitch and much more.

This is how WebCatalog works

The program has two main tabs : one called “Home”, where we can find all the available applications, and another called “Installed” where all those that we have already installed will appear. It is worth mentioning that to use certain applications it is necessary to have a registered account, something we can do (and log in) from the program itself.

When we no longer want to use a full webapp, both in the “Installed” tab and in the “Home” tab we will have a button to uninstall each of them. The program has a navigation based on Chromium and is really light, weighing only 0.15 MB per webapp as they claim.

Regarding the cross-platform theme, the WebCatalog installer can be obtained in the usual formats for Windows and macOS, while for Linux it can be obtained in DEB, RPM format and through Pacman for Arch Linux users. It is also allowed to download the tarball to compile it directly.

For the rest, it is a simple and easy to use program that, if you do not want to depend so much on your web browser, will surely convince you.

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