The popular TunnelBear VPN is now owned by McAfee

McAfee has co-opted TunnelBear. This was announced by the company as part of its effort to improve its advanced cybersecurity portfolio. Although details about the transaction were not announced, such as the amount of money they have paid.

TunnelBear is one of the best-known VPN service providers with the best reputation in the industry , things like carrying out public audits on the security of their products and always seems to put the user’s privacy ahead, has amassed a good number of users faithful

Now that the Canadian company will be part of a brand as big as McAfee, maybe some TunnelBear users do not feel so comfortable with the product. However, it does not appear that McAfee has plans to change anything else at the moment and TunnelBear will continue to operate as it did :

TunnelBear will continue to develop the products that our customers have come to love, now with the support and resources of a leading cybersecurity company. McAfee shares our passion for helping anyone navigate a more private and secure internet. This acquisition provides us with the resources to develop our service, expand to new regions and continue the leadership of security and privacy practices in the VPN industry.

TunnelBear has said before to be profitable and that they have around 22 million users on the desktop and mobile. Until now they have never received any investment or financing from third parties that is known.

The TunnelBear brand and its applications will be maintained and will continue to work as a separate team within McAfee

McAfee already has its own VPN service called Safe Connect and it seems they would take advantage of the TunnelBear networks to improve that product. At the moment, the TunnelBear brand and its applications will be maintained and the team will continue to work as a separate team within McAfee.

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