The EFF updates Privacy Badger, its extension to avoid spying and track your browsing habits

Wherever we go on the web every time we connect, the odds indicate that we are being tracked. Whether it is a government or a private company that seeks to benefit by collecting all possible information about users. If we do not take some action, we are giving too much information, many times without even having an idea.

The EFF updates Privacy Badger, its extension to avoid spying and track your browsing habitsJust to tackle this problem, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released the new and improved Privacy Badger 2.0, its Chrome, Firefox and Opera extension that automatically blocks all third-party trackers who would otherwise be following you while browsing On the Internet and spying on your browsing habits.

The new version has added improved features like support for incognito browser mode, import and export of data that Privacy Badger has learned about your locking preferences to take to another browser, interface enhancements for users who do not speak English, locks Preventive measures to prevent WebRTC from filtering your IP address, and more.

Privacy Badger focuses primarily on third-party tracking, that is, when a website and its advertisers track your browsing activity without your knowledge, without your having any control over it, and without your consent. This goes far beyond simple tracking cookies, which we usually know because the law requires them to advertise every time we visit a website. It is an increasingly widespread practice that can be considered malicious.

The EFF extension is able to detect and block third-party domains that may be tracking you at any time. If Privacy Badger detects that a domain crawls you on three or more different websites, then it will conclude that it should block future connections to it.

The tool tells you how many domains you have detected and whether or not they appear to be crawlers. As a user you also have control over the way Privacy Badger treats these domains , you can block them completely, block only your cookies or allow it if you want.

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