Productivity made extension: notes, documents and tasks every time you open a tab

We have already spoken on numerous occasions about extensions that can help us to be more productive . Today we are going to add a new name to that list: Goalhacker .

This extension for Google Chrome is really interesting, since it allows us to organize different elements of our projects (documents, notes, tasks, etc.) in one place.

By hand in each new tab

The best of all is that this tool is integrated into the browser, and we can access these panels every time we open a new tab. Once we have installed it, it will simply ask us to log in with our Google account , in order to save and synchronize everything we do.

The design is very minimalist and careful , and the first time we access it we will see a blank “space”. In the bar on the left we can create and modify the spaces, where we can give life to different projects.

A great positive point is that we can share a space with another person and work together on certain projects. Some of the functionalities (such as uploading files or images) are not yet available, but we can “vote” them so they can be integrated as soon as possible.

In the part of the right we will see a bar that can alternate between the tabs that we have opened and the tasks created. If we connect our Google Calendar account we have the option to set a deadline for each task and have it synchronized with our calendar.

As we see, it is a great tool to be able to work on different projects or tasks that we have pending. Being always at hand in the browser we will not need to open several programs to manage the notes and tasks that we want to finish soon.

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