Poper Blocker, the extension for Chrome and Firefox that helps you eliminate all the popups that get in your way

In the list of things that bother users when surfing the Internet , popups or pop-ups that open without our permission, take an honorary place alongside things like videos that play alone and ads that fill the entire screen.

The Poper Blocker extension is one that seeks to help you deal with them by automatically blocking not only the popups, but the tabs that open in the background , and those boxes appear on the pages and cover the content.

The difference between Poper Blocker and any ad blocker is that with this extension you will not block the advertising of a site, but only the most annoying elements. Although it is perfectly compatible to use it with an ad blocker.

This avoids that on the one hand you receive messages to deactivate your adblocker, that you block access to a website for just that, and it is perhaps a less drastic alternative in some cases, depending on the sites you visit.

Warns when blocking popups, allows to add exceptions and shows blocking statistics

Poper Blocker ends with overlays, popups, and popunders , three of the things that bother you most when you visit certain websites that abuse those practices. The same page of the extension lists the websites where they have blocked more popups, and you find things like XVIDEOS and The Pirate Bay.

Once the extension is installed it will notify you every time you have blocked a pop-up window , so you can decide if you want to make an exception and allow it or if you want to add the site to a white list. In addition to this, it shows you statistics of the number of blocked popups.

If the extension fails to block some popup you can report it and collaborate with the community to improve the tool. They are also working on an Android version, you can add your email address on this link if you want to be notified when it becomes available.

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