Microsoft does not give up on the mobile works on a phone with a new version of Windows

It is the least we expect of a company that wants to dominate services, applications and operating systems, that is well present in the mobile universe. It is difficult to think of reanima names like Windows Mobile or Windows Phone, when the latter dies in market share, and does not come new hardware.

Microsoft does not give up on the mobile works on a phone with a new version of WindowsDespite the excellent recent examples in the form of computer, Satya Nadella not seem to care too mobile hardware, it is something we understand that will leave in the hands of Panos Panay and company. Yes, I am talking about new hardware, and I should also do it about software, because it starts to comment very seriously about the nth attempt of Microsoft on phones.

We have been talking about a Surface Phone for years, but here the important thing seems to be that we are working on a special version of Windows, specially developed for this type of devices. When we all thought this was a dead end, the rumors begin to teach a little light.

This information comes from Paul Thurrott, a brand specialist journalist from Redmond, very close to it, so we will have to give a bit of value to what he tells us on his blog.

What exactly counts? As Microsoft walks with internal projects that test a new device that uses a new version of Windows Mobile. This system is not an evolution of the known, it is a new way.

In fact it is said that the interface is completely different from what we know, that constant evolution on Metro that had as good ideas as gaps with respect to other mobile systems. Although less contrasted, it is said that for this development would park the support of Silverlight.

Microsoft does not give up on the mobile and we like the idea.

Lumias with pencils Surface

Did Microsoft put a trimmed version of Windows and Lumia on the market?

This is a story that came to light last week, but I think it’s interesting to put it back on the table. With a promotional video – latest high-end Lumia – not released to the public we taught that Microsoft had a somewhat more interesting idea about Windows Phone than the one that really taught us.

There we saw that the Lumia phones were associated with the pointers used by Microsoft on their Surface computers, presenting themselves as fully operational on small screens.

We also introduced a detection system on the sides, recognizing that we were picking up the cell phone – like the HTC U11 but not tightly.

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