How to use the great Firefox screen capture tool

2017 has been a good year for Firefox. With the launch of Firefox Quantum, many users took the leap and stopped using their usual browser to test Mozilla’s new bet.

Among all the novelties, this version of the browser includes a screen capture tool that will be ideal for those who hate key combinations or use a specific application for it.

Saves a lot of time and effort

Firefox Quantum gives us the possibility to make screenshots in a very simple and fast way . The best thing of all is that the captures are synchronized in all our devices and is able to differentiate the different areas of the web that we are visiting.

Another positive point is that it gives us the opportunity to capture the entire web, from the top to the bottom, regardless of the size or resolution of our monitor.

By detecting the different areas of each web, it will save us a lot of time when cutting each capture. Once we have downloaded Firefox, it will be necessary to have an account and log in. This way we can start synchronizing our captures. At the moment it does not work in private mode, but Mozilla says they are working to solve it.

To launch this tool, we simply have to click on the three points that appear in the search bar and choose the last option: make a screenshot. We will see how the page darkens and gives us the option of capturing the entire web or small fragments.

We can choose to save the catches on the computer or upload them to our account. If we choose the second, we can see all our captures in this section, and we will know that they will be eliminated after 14 days. From there we will also find a link to easily share them.

Many times, these little tricks go completely unnoticed, and the truth is that they can save us a lot of time throughout the year. Taking advantage of the fact that Firefox Quantum is installed on millions of computers, his is to get the most out of it.

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