How to remove junk files left by Steam, Uplay or Origin games when you uninstall them

If you are a PC gamer you will most likely use Steam, after all it is the platform par excellence. If you use Steam, chances are that you have too many games, more than humanly gives time to play, and if this is the case, it is also likely that sometimes you have to delete games to make room for others.

How to remove junk files left by Steam, Uplay or Origin games when you uninstall themEvery time we do this, there are always some residual files in Windows that occupy space without necessity, and that with the passage of time they accumulate, they duplicate and they make a greater annoyance. For the sole purpose of getting rid of them, an independent developer has created Steam Cleaner, a simple data cleaner that leaves not only Steam, but also Origin, Uplay or GoG.

Even when you install a game, there are often redistributable packages that are duplicated because different games need them, which means that when installing and uninstalling you are filling up with garbage on your disk . To clean all this is done by Steam Cleaner for you.

The program does not require any configuration, just download, install and run. Pressing the circular arrow button will do a scan of the system and with the trash button cleaned all in a few seconds.

While you can check the list with the exact path of all files to be deleted and the space they occupy, you can not delete any individually, it is all or nothing. Make sure that the application is not deleting something like your saved games, although it is quite conservative with what it eliminates and should not delete anything that is not completely unnecessary, is still in development and is not infallible.

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