How to listen to your favorite podcasts from the browser

In recent years we have experienced a boom in the podcastphere, a universe that increasingly has a greater offer and more followers. Most of us listen on mobile devices, although there will be times when it will be very useful to play the new episodes from a browser.

If you work in front of a computer and do a job that allows you to listen to podcasts without being distracted, this guide is for you. It is also ideal if you want to listen to your favorite podcasts while playing, for example, at Hearthstone.

ShortOrange: free and without the need to create an account

This platform currently has applications for Android and Windows, but the best part is that it has a really excellent web version. To make matters worse, you will not need to pay a penny or create an account to use it.

Anyway, I recommend creating a free account, because that way we can synchronize our favorite podcasts, episodes heard, without playing, etc. through our devices.

Its operation can not be simpler. We will simply have to put the name of the podcast in the search engine and the episodes will appear in chronological order. We can subscribe, mark an episode as read, increase the speed of reproduction or share it on social networks.

PlayerFM: another good alternative

Like ShortOrange, PlayerFM also has an application for Android (striking that none of these platforms have launched their app for iOS). Again, we have the option to use it without creating an account, but it is worth doing to keep track of episodes and programs.

The good thing about PlayerFM is that without having created the account it allows us to browse different categories , looking for podcasts that can fit our interests. Another positive point is that we have the possibility to create categories, organizing the podcasts to which we are subscribing to our liking.

The reproduction bar appears at the bottom of the web, and it is striking that it will change color depending on the art of each of the podcasts. Again, we can adjust the volume level and playback speed.

Listen to your favorite podcasts from an extension

SmarterPod is a different way to listen to the episodes of the podcasts you follow. Thanks to this extension for Google Chrome we can create an RSS feed in which to save our favorite programs and episodes that we have not yet played.

As a data, it must be made clear that SmarterPod does not update automatically, so you will have to do it manually every time you want to see if there are new episodes.

Overcast: one of the favorites of iOS

Overcast is one of the best podcast apps for iOS, and best of all, it’s free. To make matters worse, you can access the web version and see all the podcasts you’re following automatically.

It is not necessary to have an account to prove it, but I think that this platform is designed for those users who are using the application for iPhone and iPad. The web version is very simple, but it works perfectly.

Pocket Casts: the good has a price

For years, Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast applications for Android and iOS. It is paid, but it is worth every penny of what it costs. In addition to helping us find new podcasts, the interface is really impeccable and the episodes are synchronized through both operating systems.

The web version of Pocket Casts is designed for those users who are hooked to this ecosystem, but this has a price: $ 9 . It is a single payment, and there is the possibility of testing it for 14 days.

It is a mirror of everything we find in Android and iOS apps, but the real value is having podcasts synchronized across all your devices: smartphone, tablet and computer.

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