How to download Facebook and Twitter videos

In recent times we are seeing how social networks are redoubling their efforts to consolidate themselves as multimedia platforms, and all of them allow you to upload and share all kinds of videos. But if you particularly like it, downloading these videos is not so easy to do.

On the internet you can find a thousand and one web pages and a program more or less reliable that promise to help you download any video from Facebook and Twitter. But perhaps what you do not know is that there is a little trick with which you can download any video directly from the web of both social networks without needing any other software.

How to download Facebook and Twitter videosDownload Facebook videos without any software

Facebook’s own website is the one that gives you the ability to download any of your videos. Of course, to take advantage of this small window in your security you will have to follow a few small steps. At first it may seem intricate, but as soon as you do it a couple of times you’ll see it’s easier than it looks.

The first thing that you have to do is to search in your feed the video that you want to download and start to play it. After a few seconds of playback right click on it, and you will see a popup window where you can choose the option ‘Show video URL’. Clicking on it will give you a little window where you can copy a unique address for this video.

Next what you have to do is run the mobile version of the web for that video. Imagine that the URL you got from the video is, because all you have to do is paste it in a new tab changing the www and by a m , so Which, in the example above, the address looks like this:

Placing that address in a tab will execute the video in full screen. Now it is very important to give the play and let it play for one or two seconds. When you right click on it, if you have let it play, you will see that in the Windows popup you will see the option Save video as …

In addition to this option you will see that in the control panel of the video, in the mobile version, when playing it also appears a download button to download directly. But with the right click method you can choose where you want to download it, change the name if you see it, and you will download the video you were watching in MP4 format.

Download Twitter videos without any software

It seems that although the great social networks try to make sure that you can not download the videos freely in their websites, they do not take so much care to their versions for mobile . And we have been able to verify that with a technique almost identical to that of Facebook you can also download, without needing any software, any video of Twitter.

This time also, the first thing you have to do is to find in your current feed what is the tweet that contains the video you want to download, and click on it to access the video. In the address bar of the browser you will see a unique URL for that video , that is the address that you will have to modify.

Imagine that the URL of your video is All you have to do is add the term mobile. Before the word twitter in that direction. Come on, taking the example URL we just used, the result that you have to log in to would be

Again, by doing this you will enter the mobile version of the Twitter web. It will appear that the video does not have the full size, but when you click on it to run it you will see that it is fully extended to play. Once again it is vital that you begin to play the video, otherwise you will not have the option to save it.

Once you start to play it, when you right click on the video you will see the option to save video as … , but it is more likely that in the playback controls the browser also includes the option to download. If you click on the download button you will download the video directly, while if you do with the right click you can choose the destination.

If you do not want to complicate your life: jDownloader

JDownloader is one of the oldest and most used download managers of the network , and although it was one of the main actors in the golden era of direct downloads, even though Rapidshare and Megaupload have ceased to exist, it is still in top form. The application analyzes any URL from the clipboard and allows you to download its contents, that’s easy.

All you have to do is enter your website, click on Download and choose the version of Windows, MacOS or GNU / Linux depending on what your operating system. Then you just have to install it, because the app’s link grabber will be activated by default from the first time you run it.

The mechanics for hunting Facebook or Twitter videos with jDownloader is simple. Having the application executed, you just have to click on the tweet or the message that contains the video you want to see and copy the URL of the address bar . You will see that, as in the above screenshot, jDownloader finds the MP4 file, that is, you only have to select them, right click, and choose the option ‘Add and Start Downloads’.

It will go directly to the download queue and start downloading. The speed at which you do depends on your connection. Once you see that the progress bar is complete and the download is complete, double click on the name of the folder of the program with the video to be downloaded or go to the directory where you have configured to download the videos.

To choose where you want them to be downloaded go to Settings -> Options -> General, where you will find the Download Folder option to choose it. There are numerous pages and other third party programs that promise to help you download videos from Facebook or Twitter, but having jDownloader you will not need any other.

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