How Are Food Packaging Plants Audited?

Are you aware of how our food packaging plants inspected to ensure their processes are conducted properly and safely for the products they produce? There are specific regulations for food manufacturers and packers. They have specific requirements for how their facilities are cleaned, maintained, and operated as well as for how they’re tested for potency and purity. For the most part, these manufacturers and packers pass all inspections and testing.

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However, there are some companies that do not pass inspection because they do not have the right policies and procedures in place. It can be difficult to determine if a manufacturing facility is safe and effective and in order to make sure they are, auditors perform tests on manufacturing facilities. These inspections are not only done when a new plant is started or old plants are updated, but also randomly throughout the plant. This ensures that all the equipment, manufacturing processes, sanitation methods and hygienic practices are being followed and any potential threat of contamination eliminated. For a BRC Audit, visit MQM Consulting

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These inspections help to keep consumers healthy by ensuring that the products they consume are of the highest quality possible. If a food manufacturer is found to be producing unsafe products or if a plant is found to be improperly sterilized, this can put consumers at risk. Food contamination is a serious and dangerous thing and can lead to severe illness and even death if it is not addressed quickly.

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