How and why to change the name and key of your WiFi

One of the most common mistakes many people make is to conform to the default settings of many of our electronic devices. And when it comes to an important gateway to our entire home network as the router, not paying too much attention can be dangerous to our privacy.

How and why to change the name and key of your WiFiThat’s why today we are not only going to tell you one of the reasons why you should change the default password or the name of your WiFi connection. We will also try to explain in a very simple way how you can do it , so that your level of computer knowledge is not an impediment when defending you.

Why change your password or WiFi name

Really, the fact of not changing your connection name does not make a significant difference when it comes to protecting your WiFi. Although if an attacker wants to log into someone’s connection at random, it will take into account that it is more likely that if you have not changed the name of the WiFi also have not touched your password by default, and makes you have more tickets for someone to try enter your network.

Keep in mind that most crackers often know the type of usernames and default passwords used by operators. So, do not change it, you are exposed to any person with knowledge or a certain program that is with a computer within reach of your WiFi enter it and use it to take advantage of your connection or to access your connected devices.

And is that the operators do not usually think how to design each of the keys of their millions of customers. The most common thing is to delegate some kind of algorithm so that you create them all in a random but easy to decipher form for them. That is why when these algorithms are discovered, all users who have not changed their passwords are exposed.

In fact, many of the tools used by attackers often include the algorithms of the default keys of many companies so that they decipher your password is only a matter of seconds. It is not that changing it will make you inhackeable, but the more obstacles you put in it will be easier for those who are not especially interested in you to look for an easier victim.

As for the name of the WiFi, beyond revealing that you do not pay attention to your default settings does not imply much more. Of course, you can always use an easier to identify for those who visit your home, or even use it to spend a joke or send a message to your neighbors.

How to change the name of your WiFi and password

First, what you have to do is guess the local IP of your router or default gateway. To find out, open the start menu and type cmd to suggest the system prompt . Run it and write the command ipconfig, which will show your different IP addresses, including the gateway.

The address usually starts with 192.168.xx.xx, meaning it will be easy to recognize. Now you have to copy and type it (separator points included) in the address bar of your browser. Before loading the configuration page you will be asked for a name and password that you must write in order to access it.

Usually this name or password will get stuck on the router or the installer will tell you when you log off. If you do not remember it is usually enough to search Google for the default password by typing the complete model of your router and it usually appears. One more example of how vulnerable you are in case you do not change the default settings. Once you enter the credentials you will enter the configuration page of the router.

Here each manufacturer has its own page, so I can not give precise indications to each and every one of those who read the article. In any case, navigating in the configuration should give a section that is Network Name (SSID) , which is the name with which your WiFi will appear when you try to connect to it from an electronic device.

In my case I had to go to the Wireless section, and within it go to the Main Network option , but you may have to search a bit more until you find the general configuration section in which to change the SSID name. In any case, once you find it you will only have to give the option to save to apply the changes and go.

The next option that you have to look for in the configuration is to change the WPA pre-shared key. In my case it appears on the same page as the SSID name, but in your case it may appear in a different one but not too far from it, that is, it searches until you find that WPA key term and a box next to it the password you use to connect to the WiFi is displayed.

The only thing you will have to do now is to replace that key you have been using so far with a new one that you will have to start using to connect to the WiFi in your house. Change it and save it to apply the changes and you’re done, you’ve already changed both the router name and your password.

As you have seen before, to access the configuration of the router also require a credentials, so to maximize your security you should also switch to other ones chosen by yourself. In my case, I have done this by going to the Password section within the Router category , but in yours it could vary depending on your model.

To consider

But before you finish, let’s remember a few things you have to keep in mind when making these changes. The first is that if you change the passwords try to do it for others that are equally safe . If you change the ones that come by default but you use some of the worst and most used as 111111 or password you will be hurting and you will stay just as exposed.

Also do not brake, since they are passwords that you will have to use every time you go to connect to the WiFi and manage the configuration of the router. Forgetting what you have put in could be a problem, so use some easy to remember or point the one you have configured in a paper that you can use.

Finally, it is also recommended that when setting up a new password do not use personal data or special dates for you, since they are data that can be obtained through social engineering. If you can not think of ideas remember, for example, that Snowden recommends using phrases instead of words.

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