Google launches an experiment based on artificial intelligence to discover books that answer specific questions

Google Research has presented two experiences that seek to show the kind of things that can be done thanks to artificial intelligence . The first one is called ” Talk to books ” (talk to books), with which to answer your questions thanks to more than 100,000 books.

Its operation is very simple. A search bar appears in which you can enter a question / term and after pressing the “Go!” will appear some books that are related to our search.

Two different experiments, but equally interesting

At the moment, it has been designed to be used in English, although I have tried some searches in Spanish and it has shown me results of books in our language.

Google says that this tool can serve to “give the impression that you are talking with books, getting answers that can be used to decide if you are interested in reading them or not “.

The second experiment is perhaps more interactive. It is a game called Semantris , in which we will have to associate words with terms that are marked in blue.

We are facing a kind of semantic Tetris (in English) that will be gaining speed and difficulty as we move forward. The goal is to leave the words marked below the line to disappear, and for that we will have to guess the words most related to that term.

For example, if the “beach” palbra appears, we will surely be able to eliminate it with “travel” or “summer” (summer). It is very fun and with an average level of English you can play for a good time.

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