GalliumOS, the perfect Linux distro to install on your Chromebook

The Chromebooks are one of the most interesting and versatile devices there. You can get some models at very competitive prices, cheaper than a “normal” laptop, and they usually offer you a good hardware experience, they are light, perfect for traveling or moving from one place to another.

ChromeOS is also a good operating system, especially since it integrated support for Android apps. However, although the device is very good, not everyone is amused by the fact that they are tied to Google and all its services are these devices. If you have a Chromebook but do not want the shadow of Google in absolutely every corner, the GalliumOSdistribution is perhaps what you were looking for.

GalliumOS is a distribution focused on performance to be as responsive as possible. Integrates ChromeOS mouse drivers to offer a similar experience.

It is based on Xubuntu, one of the lightest and most functional flavors of Ubuntu. And, it has been developed paying special attention to the bugs that are found when installing Linux in a Chromebook and that usually do not have support in other distros.

Compatible with more than 80 Chromebook models

Unlike other distros, GalliumOS does not offer you a single ISO that serves everyone, but lets you choose the download depending on the model of your Chromebook.

The first thing you have to do is check the list of compatible hardware, check if your laptop is supported, and if everything works well. Some devices have problems with an audio or video driver and it is important that you take this into account before installing something that will not work well.

Once you verify this, you can go to the download page choose the architecture of your Chromebook and download the installation image.

GalliumOS can be installed together with ChromeOS in dual-boot mode with chrxor you can occupy the entire disk if you prefer. The installation process varies between Chromebooks, but the GalliumOS wiki offers step-by-step instructions for almost all supported models.

The latest version, GalliumOS 2.1 was released at the end of February 2017.

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