Find out who’s calling you with unknown number

We’ve all ever suffered the spam phone: constant calls, usually in hours of work, to offer some kind of product, either a bank loan made and (presumably) no interest, either a telephone company for settling the ( Supposed) best rate on the market. There is something you can still do more annoying such calls: they are from hidden number. Because if we identify them, we can block them, but if they approach us from an unknown number, we will always have the doubt or the curiosity to know who is calling us. Well, there are two ways to unmask these “strangers” …

Find out who's calling you with unknown numberVia app: Truecaller

TrueCaller is one of the most robust for applications to identify and block unwanted phone calls . Whenever you receive a call or an SMS, the application will be activated to give us detailed information of who is calling and if this is reliable or the classic fraudulent number.

To start using Truecaller, just register by entering your phone number and your email address. The activation process is completed with a code that you will receive by SMS. Additionally, if you’re using iOS 10 you will need to allow identification of spam phone from “Settings> Phone> Lock and caller ID.” The app, by the way, is available for iOS and Android.

TrueCaller has a huge community of users is developing daily phone list unwanted , which you also can go adding numbers. In fact, that’s one of the benefits of this app : you can have your own list of blocked contacts. But the highlight of TrueCaller is undoubtedly its search engine, which identifies the owner of (almost) any number, are calling us or not, simply by inserting it into your database.

Via web: TelefonoSpam or Tellows

If you are looking for a simpler method to identify a suspicious number, there are several websites that collect these phones. One is TelefonoSpam, which has a search engine to see if the number you are calling us already have some complaint. It also offers a list called Top Spam in which the numbers have gotten more complaints in recent weeks are collected.

Another effective page to determine the degree of reliability of a call is tellows, a database online of numbers associated with activities such as spam and scam. Tellows rate numbers more (1) unless (9) reliable from complaints and inquiries of their users. For a couple of years ago also has application for IOS and Android .

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