Connect your phone to your computer without cables or Bluetooth

Can you connect the mobile phone to the computer without cables or Bluetooth? On many occasions we have been in the situation to connect your phone to your computer and cannot find or have a cable to do so. To avoid this inconvenience there is an application called AirDroid.

AirDroid to connect your phone to your computer wirelessly

With this application you can access our phone remotely, by entering a web page. One of the advantages that this entails is the ability to transfer or access content from the phone with

Connect your phone to your computer without cables or BluetoothAirDroid features

Some of its features are as follows:

– SMS: Send and receive individual or group messages.

– Files: Transfer files between your phone and your computer from anywhere.

– Notifications: Reflects on your computer the notifications permitted any application, without having to access the mobile.

– AirMirror: Full control of Android. Use any application like WhatsApp, WeChat and Line. (Only AirDroid require administrator permissions, Windows and Mac). This feature is in Beta mode.

– Contacts: View and edit all contacts from your mobile.

– Photos: Export and import photos between mobile and computer easily.

– Music and Video: You can organize, view and listen to music and videos hosted on your mobile phone and transfer them between him and the computer.

– Ringtones and messages: Assign the melody that you want for ringtones or messages.

– Screenshot: Displays real – time Android devices, make still screenshots.(requires administrator permissions).

– Applications: Import and export .apk files. You can download applications from a device to install them in another.

– URL: Put the URL on Android and open it with the default browser.

– Clipboard: Share the contents of the clipboard between Android and computer.

For those leery of security, saying that AirDroid has a point – to – point encryption, so that our data will remain encrypted during the transfer operation between phone and computer.

We already have an application to connect the phone to a computer without cables or Bluetooth, probable. What do you think it works?

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