Are you missing the lyrics of the songs on Spotify? Lyricfier is your solution

Last Wednesday we talked about MiniLyrics, an application with which we can see the lyrics of our favorite songs while listening to them. Unfortunately, as we said, no matter how hard we tried we did not get the application to work properly on Spotify, and searching the official forums we have come up with a small project with which to get the thorn.

Are you missing the lyrics of the songs on Spotify Lyricfier is your solutionThis is Lyricfier, a multiplatform application whose only mission is to show us the lyrics of what you listen to in Spotify, and that fulfills it in a magnificent way. To do this, it communicates constantly with the desktop client to know what it is reproducing at all times and to show the letters.

The operation of the application is simple. This includes a server that allows you to communicate with the native Spotify client and know their status. To establish the communication the server registers several ports beginning with the 4370, and launches multiple connections until finding with which it is in contact with Spotify.

Once the connection is established, Lyricfier gets the name of the song and artist we are listening to, and searches the network using pages like MusixMatch and Genius. As we have said, this small application is multiplatform, and on its download page we find versions of 32 and 64 bits for Windows, MacOS and GNU / Linux.

Lyricfier does not need installation, we simply download and unzip the app, and then run it. If you do not convince us your appearance has several customization options to change the size of the letters or the color of the theme. We can also determine how often you update your status to find what we are listening to, and we can tell you to stay on top of the list.

Few hits for simple and functional application

This is a simple application that has been developed for a specific task, complementing Spotify giving back an option that its developers took away some time ago. What you do is good, but that does not prevent that being exclusive to a single application subtract some usability if we use others.

We have also found some limits to show the letters. It has recognized about 95% of the songs we have tried, but if we look for especially unknown groups, especially national or their last albums, you may not find some lyrics. But it usually works without problems.

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