Advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated server web

If your website is usually followed hang or visitor traffic has increased so much that causes these falls, it will be time to think about hiring a dedicated web server. We tell pros and cons of this service.

Why have a dedicated server?

If you are a webmaster and handle large number of daily visits to your sites, it is more likely that sooner or later you’re forced to hire a dedicated web server, since it is possible that the shared hosting you have not sufficient to accommodate both monthly traffic. Furthermore, any reputable company with own website and offering services or products to customers, should give priority to maintain a quality dedicated server to avoid any problems with their customers.

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However, before you even think about hiring a dedicated web server, it is best to know its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of hiring a dedicated web server

The advantages are obvious, the main thing is that a dedicated web server is a machine dedicated exclusively to your site, which can accommodate a large number of monthly visits. This means that we should forget falls servers, worrying about disk space or monthly GB that can be used in traffic.

In addition, the hosting company usually pay more attention to customers who contract their services more expensive (because this type of hosting is) and offer many options for customization and control of the dedicated server , so that you can exploit its functionality.

Having dedicated web hosting usually means as long as you properly optimize a speed increase , both loading and unloading of all projects and websites hosted on it.

Some experts also believe that hiring a dedicated server makes websites hosted on it automatically improve your rankings in major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

Disadvantages of a dedicated web server

Obviously, the biggest disadvantage of hiring a dedicated server is the price , depending on their characteristics can be very high, being normal pay between 5 and 15 times more than a shared hosting. It is also true that when this service is paid is because we have high traffic websites that provide generous income.

Another disadvantage of dedicated servers is that they do not offer much flexibility, i.e. if you hire a dedicated service simpler and then I want to go to a higher (or vice versa), you will need to change physical machine, which takes time for the supplier and requires patience.

Moreover, minimum knowledge needed to manage a dedicated server, albeit via Cpanel or Plesk, two interfaces which, by the way, are not complicated to handle.

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