Acer Aspire Switch 10 E 2016, a modern portable and versatile

An attractive and modern design, graphics and performance improved, maximum data protection and the ability to transform into four different devices fluidly game are some of the many features that meets Acer Aspire Switch 10 E, the laptop will revolutionize concepts information, communication and entertainment.

The technology market attends constant innovations, designed to improve the lives of users, making it more productive and effective working methods or providing the best facilities to connect with the world regardless of kilometers separating them.

Acer Aspire Switch 10 E 2016, a modern portable and versatileThe new Acer Aspire Switch 10 E is a good example of the transformation that society has undergone in recent years with the advent of computer equipment in our domestic environment and working conditions .

Beyond presenting cutting-edge design surrounded by an attractive range of colors complete with dynamic forms and a textile textured to give a device most visually striking, this laptop incorporates a number of features that will delight lovers new technologies.

Among other things, the Intel® Atom ™ processor 1 x5, incorporating its powerful structure, give us some graphics and improved performance within games, not to mention its impeccable energy efficiency. In addition to including Wndows 10, the 2 in 1 has Continuum, which will automatically switch the user interface to portable tablet mode.

As specified in previous lines, this modern laptop Acer It can become totally four different devices smoothly. Next to the latter, it must be added that will have a battery as lasting, something that will help us be more efficient and productive in our work.

Thanks to its intelligent design, you can remove or add keyboard device with a simple movement and can easily switch between four modes as laptop, tablet, display or store. Through Acer SwitchLock ™ you have the ability to lock the hard drive of the keyboard base in order that it can operate only with the tablet section. Each and every one of the data contained on the hard drive will remain protected.

Similarly, you can witness clear images regardless of the angle from which you look, thanks to its IPS screen technology IPS2. At the same time, you can let yourself be enveloped by a powerful sound with dual speakers. Any scratch, derived from an unforeseen accident, hardly be noticeable to those who contemplate it because it is made with Gorilla ™ Glass. You can also reduce the level of blue light of the screen with Acer VisionCare™, thus avoiding fatigue that our view is subjected to this type of process.

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