14 free video editors in Windows and online

Video has become not only one of the most consumed content types, but one that is very easy to expose. With all the social networks that let you share videos, and platforms like YouTube, anyone with enough motivation and dedication can start producing their own videos.

If you are starting to test the waters and you are looking for a tool that will help you do the work but is not very expensive or preferably free, we will recommend more than a dozen free video editors for Windows and also to use online why you do not have to pay anything


Lightworks is a cross-platform video editor with all the necessary functions to produce your content. Although it is a paid software, it has a free version with all functions , the only limitation is that the formats for exporting videos do not include 4K or UHD. If you want to learn how to use it, you have many tutorials.


OpenShot is a free and open source video editor that is also extremely simple. It is also multiplatform and lets you add as many tracks as you need, crop, add animations and effects, and much more.


AVS Video Editor is a free video editing program for Windows. It has all the basic functions: cut, divide, combine, rotate, mix videos, apply effects, add menus, audio, subtitles, etc. It is similar to Windows Movie Maker is appearance and simplicity.


Powtoon is an interesting online solution for editing videos easily . The free plan lets you use several songs and styles that do not need to pay royalties, but you can only store 100MB and your videos can not exceed 5 minutes. Depending on what you do not need it for, it can be a good option.


Rocketium is another online solution to easily create videos without the need for experience . You have a lot of styles available, in addition to free video clips and images. It is perfect for anyone who wants to create short videos for networks like Snapchat or Instagram. It has a free plan that lets you create 10 videos per month. And they have apps for iOS and Android.


Filmora is an excellent video editor for Windows and macOS with a beautiful and modern interface , it is also easier to use than other complex editors. Filmora is paid, but the trial version allows you to use the software with all its functions without limitations , the only condition is that you will have a watermark unless you pay for the license.


Avidemux is a free, open source and multiplatform video editor. It is one of the best known in the Linux community, but it has versions for Windows and macOS. It is quite simple and easy to use because it only has quite basic functions.


Kdenlive is another well-known editor among Linux users, since it has always been handy with the distributions that use KDE, but it also has a version for Windows and one for Mac. Of course it is free and open source and it has multiple advanced functions. It has a good instruction manual.


Blender is another well-known of the open source community, and although it is mainly for being one of the most famous 3D animation software in Linux, Blender also allows you to edit video . It has the most basic functions and also with some other more complex.


VSDC is a free and non-linear video editor that has audio and video conversion tools and options for burning discs. It lets you add visual and sound effects and it’s pretty easy to use. It also looks a bit like Windows Movie Maker.


ivsEdits is a non-linear, flexible and modular video editor with support for high resolutions such as 4K. They are a Vimeo partner, so if you work with that platform they let you upload your videos directly in a simple way. The free version has very few limitations , but you must register to download the program.


Shotcut is another free, open source and multiplatform video editor with extensive support for video formats, visual effects, 4K support, and a fairly friendly interface compared to other options.


WeVideo is an online video editing platform that offers multiple images, audio and video clips to combine, add effects and create what you want in a simple way. Although it is paid, it is possible to use a free account with a maximum of 1 GB of storage, videos in 480p resolution, and up to 22 songs from the music library.

Bonus: VLMC

VideoLAN Movie Creator is the video editor of the creators of VLC. However, it is not yet available even for beta testing, but you can see the source code online. And, you already know that the project exists so that you are aware of its arrival.

As the famous player will be free, multiplatform and open source. VLMC is a non-linear video editor that will support almost any format as you would expect, and has the most basic editing functions.

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