Most important techniques in tennis

You know what the most important techniques in tennis? You count on the next lines. In tennis there are basic techniques and outstanding that is essential to practice and handle us perfectly. We found that there are different kinds of shots and we need to know, especially if we are going to start in this sport.

Most important techniques in tennisMain technical tennis

The most prominent tennis techniques are…

Took out: Each point in a tennis game begins with a serve. It is most important in a tennis match because depending on your application we can have advantages or not. With a good serve, the player learns how to better finish the blows made without the ball touching the ground and difficult for the opponent can score a point after you make a cut. Subsequently they are often made more complex serves to make safe plays.

Revés: It is one of the most difficult shots when you start to play tennis. It is very important the position of our body and is of utmost importance that the weight of the body falls back and forth at the time of hitting the ball. We should not be facing the network, is best placed to shoulder pointing to it.

Volea: It is the blow that is done before the ball bounce on the ground. Usually it takes place near the network to define the point. It should be performed with speed and reflexes. The position of the racket at all times must be to the front and higher.

Dejada: It is a blow to that power is subtracted the ball to fall as close to the opposite side of the net. Drop Shot executions are considered bouncing at least twice within any of the corner squares. It is used usually when the opponent is far behind the strip back of the court. Not used as much this serve as its function is to surprise our opponent.

What do you think the most prominent techniques in tennis that I just discussed in previous lines?

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