The contents, key to success of campaigns in social networks

Are you planning an online marketing campaign? Did you already created their corporate profiles on major social networks but did not get the expected results?

Online positioning strategy requires much more than the mere presence of the brand on social networks. Silvina Moschini, CEO & Founder of Intuic describes why it is essential to have an action plan on social media. Then Moschini stresses the importance of providing valuable content and establish a regular presence on corporate sites.

The success of any initiative in social media is based on the development of a plan for quality content to enable effective interaction with users.

The contents, key to success of campaigns in social networksWhat is needed to realize the potential of social networks in terms of online positioning? There are those who believe, mistakenly, that presence is enough. Only just open a free account on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, add to our profile a few pictures and content, and sit and wait to flow visits and consultations reach us.

But nothing is less certain than this. The competitive world of online marketing offers tremendous opportunities for companies to develop a plan social media creative, orderly and fundamentally with consistency over time. Those who believe that a possible presence on social networks will provide some revenue can sit and wait in front of their screens that results hardly come.

Give value to users

The goal of any company seeking presence in social media is to generate a relationship with users that allows to obtain new business opportunities.But for a user to show interest in following the profile of a company on social networks, it is imperative that you get something in return.

The first thing to ask a company that is developing a positioning strategy in social networks, is: what content can give value to my customers? They can be news about their products, articles on your market, exclusive benefits for their followers, promotions or discounts. But it must be more than a simple contact. Remember that users want not just be “friends” of your brand. Only they show a real interest in it if they can get some benefit in return.

Establish a regular presence

A key to generate interest in the users point is to generate a periodic rate to keep posts and over time. Thus, users will know that you have an effective presence on the network and are waiting for their news. The ideal is to develop a content strategy, for which the following recommendations can be followed:

  • Select a theme for each day of the week : for example, Mondays can launch a special promotion for his followers Wednesday to conduct a survey in which users participate and Fridays post pictures of your company. This will generate expectations among users who know what to expect of their publications every day.
  • Post different types of content : social networks allow you to publish content in various formats, and variety can help attract more boaters. There are users who may not be attracted to an article, but inclined to answer a survey, watch a video or photo.
  • Plan your publications on a schedule : this way you can make sure you always content available, you can keep the interest of users, set goals and evaluate results.
  • Do not forget that the most important thing is the interaction : listen to what users have to say. This will help you review your strategy and see its efficiency. Always try to promote dialogue and respond with kindness and rapidly to inquiries from boaters.Always keep the style of your brand in your contacts, but do not forget that social networks are primarily social communication platforms, so make sure your messages are human and close.

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